Saturday, February 21, 2009


Wade fell asleep on the way to the zoo. So that was a good start. But we convinced to him to wake up to see the goats.


(This goat was not actually 5ft. tall; he’s standing on a rock)


Checking out the big cats.



It is night #3 without the paci.  Wade is doing great!!!!! The first night was, of course, a little rough.  But it could have been much worse.  Last night he went down without a peep.  And there was sweet silence until 6:30am! That has not happened in a LONG time, even with the paci.  It went so well that we ditched the paci at naptime too.  Tonight he whined for about 10 minutes and then fell asleep. So, I’m pretty sure we’re done for good…no turning back.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Laundry King

I may have mentioned that my mother holds the title of Laundry Queen.  Say you set an item of clothing on your bed at her house to perhaps wear later that day.  When you go to put on said item later (say 30 minutes later) you will not find it on your bed.  You will find it neatly pressed and ironed hanging in your closet.  She will have spied the item (pretty sure she has radar), washed and dried it (most likely by hanging it on an outside clothes line) and ironed it.  Like I said Laundry Queen.

We have a Laundry King.  He is working on his speed and hasn’t quite developed his radar yet.  BUT, he’s got all the other necessary qualities.

He gathers clothes and pushes the laundry basket into the kitchen:




Figures out whether to do lights or darks first:


Then he puts them in the washer:



The last one to go in can be a little sad:


Gotta make sure the lid is secure:



On another (far less significant) topic, we got a new dining room table! We previously had a 4 chair table with a leaf that allowed you to squeeze 6 people around it.  We loved the table but it was too small. So we listed it on Craig’s List and got $299 for it (mind you we paid $100 for it 3 years ago).  Then Andrew’s brother found this table at an estate sale.  We were in Atlanta for the day and had him buy it without even seeing it (yikes!).  But we figured for $270 it was worth it and we could resell it on Craig’s List if we didn’t like it.  So, enough explanation, here it is:


Here’s a close up of the fabric on the chairs.  It’s a bit old lady-ish and doesn’t really do anything for the table.  I’m taking suggestions of colors for new fabric.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things are looking up

Well, the week has gotten much better. After Monday I really thought things were going to go downhill.  But with your advice and my anticipating Wade’s new attitude we’ve been doing much better.  Also, I’ve been noticing that he has been really cuddly.  Like if I’m sitting on the floor playing with him he’ll climb into my lap and kiss all over my face for like 5 minutes.  So we’ve been cuddling a lot (that’s been SOOO difficult…haha). 

Also, I decided that tonight is the night.  The night of no paci.  I know that I’ve talked about it before but it didn’t really work out.  For the last 4 months he’s been using the paci only while sleeping.  Except he hasn’t really been sleeping very well lately.  So I decided since we’re already not sleeping well we might as well go through the few nights of h*** to be rid of the paci.  So far tonight he cried for about 12 minutes then drifted off to sleep.  We’ll see how the rest of the night goes. 

My sincerest apologies for 2 posts in a row without pictures.  We’re hoping to go to the zoo on Saturday (thanks to our new zoo membership from Aunt Cheri!!!) so I’ll post some pics after that.  Thank you for all your advice!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sweet and Sour

Things have gotten interesting around here.  Wade is no longer Mr. Sweetie Pie 100% of the time.  For instance, today he was Mr. Sweetie Pie for, I would say about 30 minutes total.  He has figured out that if something doesn’t quite go his way he can wail as if his arm has been severed and possibly get his way.  I am just going to confess my frustration with this.  So far in parenting I think I’ve kept a pretty cool head but this has got me at my wits end.  I now know why God designed it so one year olds go to bed at 7pm, it’s for the parents.  The problem is that I cannot reason with him.  I feel like I am suddenly on the rollercoaster of disciplining my child only I don’t have my safety harness locked in place.  Does anyone have any wisdom here? Is this normal? What do I do?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Flippity Flap Jack

Saturday we celebrated Wade’s first birthday.  My mom and brother flew up from Florida (thanks to $19 flights from Allegient Air!).  Andrew’s family and a few friends from church also came over.  And we ate pancakes!

We all anticipated the cake eating.  Everyone expects a kid to make a frosty mess on his first birthday leading up to a mandatory bath.  Not mine.  Apparently he takes after his dad (slowest eater on the planet) and his mom (neat freak).  So he ate his cake one piece of fruit at a time. 

It dawned on me that I did not give you his one year stats.  He is weighing in at 20lbs. 3oz. (15th percentile) and 29” (50th percentile).  He’s moving at his own pace when it comes to walking.  Only 4 months ago did he begin pulling up.  Now he will cruise one or maybe 2 steps.  But he got a push/ride toy for his bday and has “accidentally” taken 6-8 steps trying to keep up with it as it rolls along.  I have decided he will walk when he walks and I’m not going to be concerned about it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Left Ya Hangin’

So at the end of the previous post you read that I was leaving you with some pictures that didn’t make the slideshow.  And then they weren’t there.  So sorry.  I put them there, I did. Actually twice and it still didn’t work.  I will possibly try again later but I am prepping for tutoring right now so no time. 

Birthday Boy

How long have I been anticipating this day? Seriously I’ve looked forward to Wade’s 1st birthday with such anticipation.  What an important day! Nothing else like it.  To think back over the last year is remarkable.  In some ways I can remember my numb pregnancy hands and those tan Rocket Dog shoes (the only ones I could get on my feet months 8 and 9) like it was yesterday.  Laying in the hospital bed watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire marathon anxiously awaiting the “go” sign from Dr. Childs.  Then I heard the first cries of my little man.  Life as we had known it was changed forever.  I wish I had time to reflect here on each milestone…but I guess that’s what this blog’s archives are for!  

So here is the complete monthabirthday slide show… I’m kinda sad to be finished with these photos.  But I will say I won’t really miss the blue and green striped romper.  I’m a little sick of seeing it!

Here’s a few photos that didn’t make the slideshow but I can’t resist sharing with you!