Saturday, October 24, 2009

A-hem, Announcement Time

So, of course, I should start by apologizing for the long break in blogging.  But, hopefully this post will help you forget all of your long weary nights waiting for me to post ;) 


Can you read Wade’s name tag? Just in case you can’t…it says “BIG BROTHER”. That’s right! Our family of 3 is expanding.  Sometime in June we will be welcoming a new little bundle of joy into our home!

We are thrilled, of course! And I’ve been feeling pretty much ok.  A little queasy but I just eat a few crackers and give Wade a horsey ride and soon I’ve forgotten all about it!

So, maybe, just maybe I’ll be a more devoted blogger with this news.  I do have a whole month’s worth of pics to post.  I’ll get right on that.