Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Shirt That Keeps On Giving

A big shout out to Old Navy. Not only is it the home of the $2 tank top but now the everlasting baby shirt.  I’m pretty sure this size 6-12 mo. shirt was purchased last May on a trip to Florida to visit my mom.  This picture was taken a month after that in Houston.  So, I’ll calculate for you…Wade was 4 months old here. 

DSC_0114.jpg picture by scharffstory

Here again, colors slightly more dull from washing, we see Wade last October in Florida at an age of 8 months. 


And this is not a joke, I took this picture today.  It is the same exact shirt.  Wade is 17 months old.  Obviously it’s been well loved as the orange is pretty faded. 


He’s actually got 3- a gray one, blue stripes and this one.  They all still fit.  Thanks Old Navy!!

In other random news, Wade experience his first fort today.





Friday, July 10, 2009


Free Chic Fil A? Are you kidding me…of course I dressed up like a cow for a free combo.


Those are actually cow noses we’re wearing on our faces.  Originally I had a few more spots but Wade pulled them off.


For our efforts, Anna and I both earned 2 combos…they didn’t even blink an eye when Anna ordered a Coke for Callie! Then the sweet girl carried our food to the car for us. 

You may or may not have noticed by I have started another blog.  It’s sole purpose is to track our progress as we journey out of debt.  Check it out: