Monday, February 8, 2010

Praying for Percy

So Percy went missing a couple weeks ago. We were running errands and in a moment of weakness I let Wade bring him into a store.  A few stores later I realized Percy was gone.  So sad.  Wade mentions him every once in a while, but the kid does have several other trains. 

Tonight, we were playing trains before bed and Wade brought up Percy.  He immediately clasped his hands together and said “pray, amen”.  I asked him if he wanted to pray that we would find Percy.  He said “yes”.  So we prayed for Percy.  Immediately after the “amen” he jumps up and starts looking around the table saying “Percy”.  It became obvious real quick that Percy was not back.  So he clasps his little hands and says “again”.  What a precious little heart! Of course, we prayed for Percy again (as mom and dad tried to hold it together).  Afterwards he didn’t really look around for him but just climbed up into bed to read. 


It is so sweet to see our little guy’s heart growing toward God and we are treasuring every moment.