Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Boy Room…check, Nursery…check, Name…check, Baby Head Down…uncheck

35 weeks down, 4-5 to go.  It is hard to believe it is almost time for this baby girl to arrive.  The last month has been extremely productive around here. 

Step 1 was transitioning Wade into his new big boy bedroom.  Thanks to David, Anna & Callie having Wade over for a sleepover we were able to transform the downstairs spare bedroom into his new room.  This also required transforming the gameroom (code for “junk” room) into the spare bedroom.  Anyway, that all happened and we moved him downstairs.  Wade was very excited about his new room and we really haven’t had much problem with that.




His new room is the biggest in the house so we have some wall space that could use some lovin’ but we’re working on that.


The theme of his new room is “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”.  You can see the airplane quilt on his bed here.  This quilt is really special because it was designed by Andrew’s dad (Wade’s namesake) and quilted by his mom when Andrew was a boy. 


Step 2 was “girlifying” the nursery for Junebug.  I have really had a hard time deciding what direction to go in there.  I am not a super girly kind of girl so I didn’t want a whole lot of (ok, really I didn’t want any) pink.  Also, I wanted be creative but not break the bank.  So…here’s the result.

The Inspiration (an old, old toy that we found in some of the boxes of junk treasures from Andrew’s mom):


These were the biggest projects – well, they weren’t really difficult- they just required the most fabric.  Two of these bins were brown suede and 2 were tan corduroy so we (Connie) recovered them.  We (again, Connie) added the yellow fabric to the top of the large basket liner. 


Here’s a better view of the 2 main fabrics:


The other main project was the crib skirt.  I kind of wanted to make a bumper pad but realized that would require a lot of time and fabric for an item that really wouldn’t be used for that long.  So I just went with a plain white bumper and a yellow sheet.



So, I’ll also mention the walls are painted “Robin’s Nest” green/blue by Benjamin Moore.  I promise I found the color before I saw the name of it!

Here’s a close up of the mobile…thanks to Andrew’s creative thinking with the sun to cover the music box.  Can you tell the little guys are birds?


Also, we painted a tree on the wall:


This room has horrible ventilation so we needed full panel curtains that I’ll eventually line to help keep the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  These were a great deal from IKEA and we added the ribbon. 


These sweet little guys were made from Connie’s awesome collection of fabric scraps that she allowed me free reign over. 


The lamp I recovered with this adorable $4.99/yd fabric. I don’t really know where the nightstand came from but we painted it black and added these great handles from Hobby Lobby.


I don’t know that this picture frame/key hook has ever hung in our home but somehow it never got yard saled through the years.  Anyway, it was previously green and did not have the red ribbons hanging from it.  So, I repurposed it to hang Junebug’s hair bows on.  I do fully recognize the unlikeliness of this sweet girl having ANY hair for several years but every girl needs hair bows, right?


Step 3 was giving this child a real name.  Even though Wade will probably call her “Junebug” for the rest of her life, we figured that might not go so well through the teenage years.  So, without further ado…our daughter’s name is:


Chloe Ann Scharff.  “Ann” is after my mom’s middle name.  “Chloe” means “greenery” or “young sprout” which is not particularly meaningful to us, but it did inspire this artwork and our hope for her precious life:


I think that about covers the nursery and I’m not even sure that Blogger is going to allow me to post this many pictures!


The other thing I mentioned in the title was that Chloe is currently breech.  I’m 35 weeks so there’s not a lot of wiggle room for her to be turning somersaults in there.  Anyway, at my appointment this Friday Dr. M and I will be discussing the possibility of her turning Chloe from the outside.  If that doesn’t work then I will be scheduled for a C-section at 39 weeks.  Anyway, we’d just appreciate your prayers that she would turn on her own in the next few days.