Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thunder Rolls

This afternoon we had a thunderstorm that would rival the best of Florida's summer 3pm storms. It started just as I layed Wade down for a rest. Somehow he fell right to sleep despite the crashing thunder. We lost power numerous times and there was a peculiar "pow, hiss, snap" sound at one point but still not sure what appliance got fried! Anyway he slept right on through it. Sammy, on the other hand, was completely stressed out. He was about 2 in. from my heels the entire time. But at one point I noticed I didn't trip as I walked to the laundry room. Where was Sammy? First I checked our bed because that's his most favorite place in the world. He knows that we've buckled down and made it completely off limits but he still sneaks up there occasionally. But he wasn't there. He wasn't in either of his beds or on the rug in the kitchen. That only left Wade's room. I wish I could have gotten a picture. I went in there and Sammy was laying right beside Wade's crib. (A little note: Sammy's demeanor towards Wade has been slightly curious/I'm way too cool for you/why are you taking all the attention?/do you have food...if so, we can be friends/if I pay attention to you mom will pay attention to me). I figure his logic was either to fulfill his role as protective big brother OR (probably more likely) if something went seriously wrong he knew that's where I'd run to first. Anyway, next storm I'll get a picture!

Grammy is coming to visit in about 16 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Food

Since Wade is eating solid food now I decided I would try my hand at making baby food. Although I do appreciate the benefit of homemade baby food not containing preservatives that's not my real motivation. Making your own baby food is just a fraction of the cost of store bought food. And since I'm not working I figured I have the time to give it a try. It turns out all you have to do (at least for veggies) is buy them fresh or frozen, steam and then puree them in the blender or food processor. Of course, assumed in that process is that you know how to work a blender...which it turns out wasn't quite true for me.

I got up Saturday morning and while the boys were still sleeping decided to give it a try. How long could it take, right? Yah. Well, about 2 hours...for a bag of peas, a bag of green beans and an apple. The steaming of course is simple and I had no issues there. I started out trying to use my hand-me-down food processor. I haven't used it since the move and I'm wondering if perhaps it sustained some damage without my knowledge. Of course I had all the green beans in it before I discovered it wasn't working. Well, no big deal, I thought, I'll just use my B & D Mini Chopper Plus that I've raved about. I transferred the green beans and was thrilled to find the appliance actually turned on. But soon the beans were spinning around on the sides of the container and no pureeing was happening. Ok, it's time to bring out the big dog. So I haul out the blender which has only been used once and that was to blend a Happy Meal (you probably shouldn't ask about that) so I didn't even know if it'd work. I stick the beans in (I've now dirtied 3 appliances and there are green beans all over the counter); press puree and it starts whirring away but soon it's doing the same kinda thing as the mini chopper. So I add a little water. Not much of a difference. I'm starting to get real frustrated- one, because I'm thinking I've wasted these beans but honestly moreso because I have dirtied 3 multi-part appliances. As a last ditch effort I fill the blender up almost to the top with water and press puree. Well, what d'ya know...that did the trick. Apparently liquid is a key factor in the pureeing process. (I went back and tried the mini chopper with lots of water and of course it worked too!).

After you finally get the food pureed you just pour it into ice cube trays to freeze. After they're frozen you can put them into a ziplock bag and thaw them out as needed. If you want more info about making baby food check out this great website I found here.

Just a small portion of the mess I made.
In the end the blender worked great though!

Pureed green beans and peas ready to be frozen

Wade drinking homemade "apple juice" (aka pureed apple w/ lots of water)

Apparently he like it cause this was the face he made when I took it away to add more water!

Look ma, no hands!

P.S. Even though he turned his nose up at Gerber Green Beans, Wade LOVES the homemade ones!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Weekend to Recover

Aside from emptying 2 entire boxes of tissues, a container of hand sanitizer, a bag of cough drops and 4 mugs of hot tea what does a young family intent on getting better do for the weekend? Pretty much nothing. So here's some photos of our weekend of nothingness...

Goodmorning Wade! He's a morning person - can you tell?

Feet work just as well for sorting the pieces

I promise I didn't eat that piece, mom!

Wade has discovered that green beans are good for nothing except spreading all over your belly!

And of course, Sammy is willing to lick you clean if need be.

I'm so bored...I wish these people would get better!

Andrew just finished the puzzle but it turns out the last piece is missing! How depressing. Well, at least we're both feeling remarkably better and ready to start a new week. I may even go to the Y in the morning!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy 5 Monthabirthday! (only 2 wks late)

Moving to a place where freedom rings for spoonfeeders!

Sorry about that's Saturday morning and I'm having my first cup of coffee in 5 days so the caffeine is probably messing with me. Anyway, this is a combo post. I realized I needed to share pictures from moving day, the 4th of July weekend and Wade's new & improved adventures with cereal. So, let's get going here....

First up is moving day!!! I may have mentioned before that our awesome friends from small group helped us move. Our awesome realtor has this awesome truck her awesome clients get to use. It was supposed to rain that day but was absolutely gorgeous. The Lord was definitely pouring out his blessings that day.



Ben & Steve stop for a hug



Thanks to everybody who helped...including the 10 or so of you who I didn't get a photo of!

This next batch is from the 4th of July weekend . . .

The Calvary picnic totally wore out our Little Firecracker.

5th of July Pool Party at the Smith's (sister-in-law's parents)
"You wish you were half as cool as us!" - Wade, Anna and cousin Sweet Pea (in Anna's belly)
Chillin' with Myrtle the Turtle and the flappy old man hat!
Ryder & Wade (2 days apart!)

Can you see the cold germs jumping from Ryder's hand to Wade's?

Ok, I said "new & improved" rice cereal adventures because we tried cereal about 6 weeks ago and Wade definitely wasn't quite ready for it. It dripped right back out of his mouth after he finished trying to suck on the spoon. This time it was like feeding a different kid!

Yum! You're not cool unless you eat with a spoon!

Oh, you didn't say eat the spoon?

So, Wade will begin touring with the Professional Eating Federation next week. He specializes in rice cereal but can also put down a mean portion of apple sauce. A hint for his opponents: you'll win every time with green beans, he can't even get through a spoonful!

You're in luck because I just realized I also haven't yet posted the 5 monthabirthday shots! So, double posting coming right up today.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So, since my post last Monday Wade is feeling much better. I wish I could say the same for the rest of our household! Last Wednesday or so Andrew came down with a horrible cold. You know the kind where you're pretty much miserable all day but it's not exactly bad enough to stay home from work. I really thought I had escaped...until Monday. My throat started hurting, which is my normal first sympton when I'm sick. So I didn't really think anything of the fact that Andrew's throat never hurt. When I could hardly swallow this morning I decided I ought to go to the doctor. Apparently I have strep throat! Who gets strep throat in the middle of July!?! Anyway, I've got it. Thankfully the doc said it's very rare for babies under 3 to catch strep and I am able to take amoxicilon (sp?) so in a mere 44 hours I'll be safe to kiss on Wade again!

In other news, we had our garage sale last weekend and made more than enough to pay for a garbage disposal (which was our goal). And Aunt Cheri gave us this great Jumper thing that Wade LOVES!

Monday, July 7, 2008


So Wade has these onesies that say...

First Ball
First Rattle
First Teddy Bear
First Bath (not sure about this one-what baby doesn't take their first bath until they wear size 3-6mo. clothes?)

Anyway, today he needed an outfit that says "First Cold"! :( Yup, after 5 months he woke up with a yucky cough. It was a pretty rough day today for both of us but hopefully he'll feel a little better after a good night's rest.


Friday, July 4, 2008

New Digs

So I'm finally posting after our move. The move itself went great thanks to our small group...they moved us in 3hrs flat! And for the last week we have been working hard to get unpacked. As you can tell from the pics the main level is just about unpacked, the basement- not so much. But I just close the basement door and I don't have to think about it! Today is Andrew's birthday and his most valuable gift from me is not having to hang anything for 48 hrs! I'll just let you look at the pictures now...think I might actually take a little nap since the Wadester is sleeping.