Monday, May 25, 2009

Bienvenedos a Summer

The fountains are on at Coolidge Park so summer is officially here! Wednesday we spent the morning enjoying the sun and water. Wade had no fear when it came to the water.


Wade & Sydney playing in the water


He loved playing on the stone animals!


Cousin Callie chillin’ in the shade


Who needs a double stroller?


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Longest (photo) Post Ever

As usual, pretend you have heard from me more recently than 6 weeks ago.

In no particular order, here’s what’s been going on in our corner of the world.

  • We have been biking a lot.  This awesome kiddie trailer was a steal on Craig’s List.


I promise he enjoys it more than this picture shows.  We’ve been doing about 10 miles on the Riverwalk a couple times a week. 


Andrew sold his mountain bike a few weeks ago so we could get the kiddie trailer.  The plan was to downgrade a bit on a replacement bicycle.  So, today he bought this $8 beauty at a garage sale.  He has completely disassembled it and cleaned all the rust off.  Currently he is mumbling things like “what have I done?” and “guess I’m learning how to assemble a bike tonight” as he tries to get it back together.  It needs a new seat and handle bar tape and pedals but  it should be a great bike for around town. 


  • Wade met his Great-Grandparents on Thursday.  They came through town on their way back to Iowa from Charleston.



Not sure what they’re laughing at but this picture is priceless.



Of course it is impossible to get a picture of all the grandkids looking at the camera but this is the best shot.


And I have no idea how this happened but here is a picture of the whole bunch and not one person has their eyes closed.


Wade and daddy waving to mommy below.


Wade and cousin Sydney (who is FINALLY growing some hair).


Wade is still not walking independently but he refuses to be carried very much so he either crawls on the pavement (doesn’t seem to bother his poor knees) or walks like this.



  • The Dragonboat Race was a couple weeks ago and this year Andrew got to participate with David’s company. Obviously David was taking it a little more seriously than Andrew…haha.


Here they are racing. Let’s just say they had a good time, the weather was gorgeous, the company was entertaining…so what if you can’t get 20 people in a boat to synchronize their paddling to the beat of a drummer. 


Wade had a good time playing in the rocks anyway.


  • We are almost finished redecorating our dining room.  If you remember we got a new table and I decided to recover the seats.  Well, then we decided the light fixture was a little overpowering for the room.  So, we, of course, sold it on Craig’s List and went a bit retro with the new look.  We also created a photo wall.


Also, I made some new shade toppers (I’m certain that is not the correct term but you get my drift) for the kitchen.


What else? Let’s see. Last time I posted we were about to have houseguests.  Well, Ben & Andrea lived in our basement for about a month or so and are now trying to get settled in their new home.  They were wonderful guests and we were grateful for the chance to get to know them better.

In 4 weeks GiGi (my mom) is coming to town for a week! Plus while she’s here Andrew and I are going to get away for a couple nights and let GiGi spoil Wade.  I’m really having trouble thinking about anything else!

School is almost out which means my tutoring schedule will be changing (praise God!).  So far I’ve got 5hrs. lined up on Tuesdays and the rest of the days will be free!!!!

Ok, I can’t think of anything else to type that’s worth your reading.  Andrew has given up on the bike for tonight and is sleeping on the couch beside me.

Hopefully you’ll hear from me in less than 6 weeks but I’m through making promises about that!