Monday, June 20, 2011

BIG Family News!!!

PLEASE check out our family’s new blog (  regarding details about our family’s exciting news: we are staring the process of adopting a child from Haiti!  This new family blog will not only journal our way through this adventure, but will also serve as the hub for our new business venture, Out On A Limb Adoption, which we are pursuing in order to honor The Lord (and follow His Word) by completing this journey debt-free.

To help spread the word we sincerely ask that you not only check out our site, but also “follow”, “like” or “befriend” us in any way you can.  We are new at this business process and can use all the help we can get.  Every penny raised from the sale of our bow ties (and future products) will go directly towards the adoption of a child (as will any left over funds).  With your help we can use this step of faith as a tangible example of just how true HIS Word is (“For there is NOTHING Our God cannot do”).

Thanks in advance for any and all support you can give as you join us in stepping “Out On A Limb”!!

The Scharffs