Sunday, March 29, 2009

Zoo Pics

The previous post contains photos from our trip to Lowry Park Zoo in Florida.  Photobucket has a fabulous new “one-click” album share feature.  I urge you to persevere through the entire show.  It will be worth it.  Your payment will come in laughter.  There is a shot of me where it appears I am trying to poop in my pants while picking up Wade.  Since this “one-click” feature just puts your whole slide show in an album and sends it to Blogger I didn’t realize till it was already posted that this lovely shot of me was included.  So, enjoy. Don’t laugh too hard.


Your Instructions

I only have a minute (I did not forget about the pictures).  But I need to tell you something.

1. Go to Walgreens.

2. Pick up 2 Softsoap Essentials bottles of bodywash.

3. Go to the register.

4. Purchase 1 bottle of Softsoap (use coupon from 3/30 inserts if you have).

5. Register will spit out a Register Rewards coupon for 1 free Softsoap Essentials Bodywash (like the other one in your buggy).

6. Smile at cashier and ask sweetly if you can go ahead and use your coupon for another transaction (not advised if there is a line. if long line of angry, impatient looking folks just quietly take your stuff to the beauty counter to checkout)

7. Hand cashier your Softsoap and Register Rewards coupon.  Pay $.37 in tax (if in TN-even less if you’re in another state, like FL)

8. Hold your hand out because the cashier is going to hand you ANOTHER Register Rewards free Softsoap Essentials Bodywash coupon!


I have no shame so I went back and picked up another bodywash and, I kid you not, it spit me out another Register Rewards free coupon! Because my sweet husband was home caring for Wade I decided I should resist the temptation to spend the rest of the afternoon purchasing free bodywash.  But I have 6 more days to work this deal.  I plan on “buying” the North Chattanooga Walgreens out of Softsoap!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hi, my name is Robin…

and I’m a blog slacker. 

But I’m back.  I guess a whole lot has happened since Feb. 21st.  I’ll admit, my absence has been largely due to laziness. But perhaps partly due to apprehension of sharing this new thing.  Let me introduce myself again.

Hi, my name is Robin and I’m a Premier Designs Jeweler.  Probably most of you are thinking this doesn’t really fit me; the other half are asking “what does that mean?” When I explain it, you will join the others in their opinion.  So I shall ‘splain it to you.  Premier is basically a direct sales company for whom I am an independent distributor selling jewelry through home shows.  A la Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc. 

Here’s how it happened.  Right around Feb. 21st, I guess, I was presented with this opportunity through a friend.  We have become die hard about paying off our debt.  Like most of you, we’ve pinched here and cut there but there just isn’t much extra to make a debt snowball with.  So this idea peeked our interest.  As my friend explained the details I was also reminded of a prayer I had been praying earlier that week.  My daily schedule has to be pretty strict in order to get Wade’s nap in before we have to leave at 2:30pm for me to tutor.  This and other aspects of being a stay at home mom have left me feeling like I spend a whole lot of time consumed with my family.  Which is good and Godly, I believe.  But I also believe I am supposed to be loving and serving others too.  So, I had asked God to provide an opportunity for this.  Getting to be in womens’ homes, extending my circle, I would get to love and serve them.  So, after prayer and consideration, we decided to jump in.

(I don’t know where this fits but it’s paramount to the story: as I considered this opportunity I was very cautious that I would never ever want to communicate to any woman that purchasing this jewelry would make them beautiful.  Especially after my time in youth ministry I have witnessed so often that we as women try to secure our beauty in everything but the truth of who God has made us to be.  I am passionate about this, to say the least.)

Then I got real discouraged.  I’ll save you the details but I felt an unspoken pressure to become the “saleswoman” that I am not.  But God is so faithful.  Over a period of a few days I sensed that He was saying “Robin, now that you’ve committed to this thing, let me tell you what I want for you.  I want you to go into these women’s homes and communicate My truth about beauty.  Don’t be “preachy” or a “Bible-beater” but speak from your heart that beauty comes from Me.  Do not be concerned about selling jewelry.  I will be your Provider.  That is my part.  You just share the words I have put in your heart.  That is your part.”

This is SO exciting to me.  I get to share God’s message with women.  A message that is so dear to me.  And I don’t have to be concerned about selling stuff.  Sure, I believe I can mess up God’s plan for provision- but that will probably mostly come from me trying to take over that part of it.  The most awesome part is that I feel like this is me. 

So, there you have it.  I am just now getting comfortable with telling people that I am a Premier Designs Jeweler but I really don’t like to say it unless I can share my heart behind it. 

My battery is at 12% here and it’s too late to plug this thing in and paste all the pictures in.  So, hold me to this, I will post pictures for you within the next 48hrs.

Stuff to come in future posts:

-our houseguests for the next month

-Wade & my trip to Florida

-my losingest loser March Madness bracket

-recovered dining room chairs

-getting snowed in in Spartanburg the weekend of my birthday

-oh yah, my birthday!

Ok, I was just told (by the computer) to plug it in or shut it down. C-ya!