Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend in South Carolina

Well, this past weekend was the 2nd Annual Wade Scharff Memorial Golf Tournament…and it was a huge success!!! I will post more about it later. For now, I just wanted to share pics from the rest of the wknd. It was a little insane but loads of fun.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mabbit Springs

Our mornings have been cool here lately so we decided to go hiking Saturday morning.  We went up to Signal Mtn to check out the trails at Mabbit Springs. 


First thing we learned was that the few pounds Wade has actually gained since our last hike count for a lot when you’re carrying him on your back!


After several miles we came to this awesome picnic spot.


What happened to our baby…lookin’ like a big boy here.


We tried, to no avail, for a family shot.  The space between us is where Wade had been standing for a brief second.


But he’d rather play here…


View from our picnic spot…amazing to live 15 minutes from this.





Saturday, September 5, 2009


Oh, nevermind.


Last night Wade experienced his first professional sporting event.  The Chattanooga Lookouts are in town for their last home games of the season.  So we forked over the $8 and took ourselves out to the ballgame.


Ian & Wade focused on the game; Syd on her PB&J.



A little coach in the making? Can’t you just see him pacing back and forth, leaning over the rail, spitting in the dirt then deciding to go ahead and trade pitchers.




Preparing to give a dissertation on the game of baseball.


Classic. Daddy & his boy at the ballfield.


I don’t think the Lookouts are really that great of a team…but the view from their stadium at sunset is awesome.


Things went pretty good at first…


And then these guys came out:


See those big tall character looking things.  Not sure exactly how they work but they are like air suits with people inside (which by the way, I would love to do so if you have a connection, hook me up).  They dance around and stuff. Anyway, the big tall pink guy came out alone first and challenged a player from the opposing team (sorry, I don’t even know who we played against) to a dance off.  They went back and forth a few times and we all laughed.  Then the air guy playfully tackled the player.  Wade went biserk.  I thought I had laughed too hard and scared him.  Until later when another air guy came out and somehow gobbled one of the umps up into his suit.  Then he would spit out the guy’s shoes and pants and whatnot.  Again Wade lost it.  I realized that he’s never really witnessed anything like that- one person attacking another.  It was a sweet reminder of his innocent, tender heart. 


Finally he fell asleep about the 5th or 6th inning:


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wade’s New BFF

Saturday at our church’s Service Day carwash Ansley declared Wade to be her best friend.  Although she is nearly twice his age and obviously quite a bit taller he seemed to respond accordingly and engaged into this friendship.


I’m not sure if this look is telling of his true feelings or not.  To me it says “Listen sweetie, your a real nice gal and all but, y’know, I’d just rather go down the buddy slides with my mom”.  This attitude may have risen out of a little accident the new BFFs had on Saturday when a moving hug ended up toppling to the ground.




“Umm, yah, I guess it’s cool if you want to let me ride your purple car and push me on it.  But listen, don’t equivocate this with any kind of commitment on my part.”DSC02293



“Geez, how did this happen? Women! They have this funny way of turning things around on ya.”




“Ansley…girlfriend…you didn’t mention you like to play in the dirt! I just thought you were a puffy bows and pink crocks kind of girl. Let me give this thing some more thought.”




“Yah, it’s cool yo. We’re tight.  I mean, c’mon the girl plays with dirt.  I can dig it.”