Monday, August 30, 2010


Did not realize this word was so packed with meaning:

1. to activate, set in motion, or take up again; renew.

2. to restore to life or consciousness.

3. to make operative or valid again.

4. to bring back into notice, use, or currency: to revive a subject of discussion.

5. to quicken or renew in the mind; bring back: to revive memories.

6. to reanimate or cheer (the spirit, heart, etc., or a person).

So, that’s the goal here. We got a new look (Chloe is not so into trains) and expanded subject matter. 

Another great term is “comic relief”…a very valuable commodity around here the last 13 weeks.  And since Wade and Chloe don’t always catch the humor I thought I’d get back to sharing our foibles with you. I can pretend someone is actually reading this and possibly laughing. It’ll be kinda like I’m interacting with another adult. Just pretend with me. 

So, since we last talked I had another kid. Her name is Chloe Ann Scharff and she will be 3 months old on Sept 1st. I don’t really know what today’s date is so I’m not sure when the 1st is but I think it’s this week. 

I have learned a lot from Chloe Bear. She is the polar opposite of Wade as an infant.  An appropriate word to describe Wade’s temperament as an infant (and largely now too) is “chillaxed”.  Chloe is bright-eyed and alert. She is dainty and sensitive. The baby books say that newborns sleep 16-18 hrs per day their first month or two.  I read this when Wade was a baby and wondered if it was a problem that my baby slept 21-22 hrs per day. I even asked my pediatrician if it was ok….oh, you foolish first time mom!  So in order to bring that average to 16-18 hrs., some babies need to sleep a lot less…like maybe about 10hrs per day. That’s my girl. Thankfully she has been a great nighttime sleeper from the get-go so really only about 2-3 of those hours were left for daytime sleeping. So fun. Especially with a 2.5 yr old around. Especially when she spreads the 2-3 hrs. out into 20 minute catnaps each one requiring rocking/bouncing her to sleep for 20 min. 

HOWEVER…my girl has turned a corner.  The last couple weeks she has been taking longer naps during the day and not requiring so much soothing.  If you had mentioned the idea of reviving this blog about a month ago I would have laughed (or cried) because there were many days I didn’t even get my teeth brushed until 3pm.  But I have a little bit of predictable time now. AND, most awesomely, she has starting going to bed at 7:30 ish so that blessed kid-free evening time has returned.

Wade has been a real trooper through all this. He has surely had his moments but I would say he’s probably shed less tears than I have.  He adores Chloe, even when she demands mommy’s full attention.  She loves him too and grins ear to ear when she hears his little voice. Wade is growing out of his toddlerness and into a little boy.  We are thoroughly enjoying hearing his thoughts and I’m sure I’ll share many anecdotes in posts to come.

Andrew has willingly stepped up to this huge new challenge of two kids.  He has lightened my load tremendously and I would probably be in a mental hospital if it weren’t for him. Not kidding. After a long day at work he comes home and adorns his “dad” hat without hesitation. Each day he plays with Wade from the minute he walks in, helps get dinner together, entices Wade to eat, washes dishes, bathes Wade and puts him to bed.  I have never had to ask him to do any of these things.  This is an amazing man. I am more thankful for him every day!

Alright, Word World is almost over and Chloe has been sleeping for an hour. Need to get my head back in the game here.

Btw, there’s a few pics up there – I experimented with the photo album feature of Live Writer. Not really sure what happens when you click on “view album” but at least you have those few little shots. More later…promise.


Daisha said...

Glad to see you back in the blogging world. Chloe is a cutie!

Sarah said...

Yea! Welcome back to the blogging world! I am so glad that you are sharing about your life again. I have wondered many times how things are going for you now. I totally understand girl. I laughed and then tears came to my eyes (literally) when I read that you have shed more tears than Wade has in this transition. Me too, me too. I am totally impressed with your roast chicken. I have yet to cook a "real" meal since bringing #2 home. Thank goodness that I worked hard to stock our freezer beforehand. It has kept us alive. :) Anyway, glad to hear from you!