Sunday, October 31, 2010

Harvest Night or Bust

Well, we came really close to a bust.  Wade woke up from his nap at 3:15pm in a FINE mood. This is not totally out of character for him – he got his mama’s “wake-up grumpies”.  An hour later he still hadn’t chosen to improve his attitude. Now its time to get in costume for the festival.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. He’s been totally excited about his costume for the past 2 weeks as we’ve been working on it. Raise your hand if your kid suddenly hates his costume when its time to put it on. Andrew managed to wrangle the special Thomas the Train overalls I had “made” (read: hot glued a Thomas patch onto $1.48 overalls from America’s Thrift Store). The overalls lasted approximately 3 minutes. Wade took them off and asked for jeans. Ok. Pick your battles. The overalls are not worth the battle. Jeans: check.  Although he’s been wearing the conductor hat around the house for the past few weeks he again refused to wear it.

With both the overalls and the hat (and the shoes and the conductor bandana) he calmly and politely said “Mommy, I know we talked about wearing this before but I really just don’t feel like it tonight. I would prefer not to wear this item. Would that be ok?” So after having several “polite conversations” we manage to make it out to the car.

Arriving at church, Andrew and I make a quick bet as to how long he’s going to be willing to keep the actual James train on his body. I think one of us said 15 seconds, the other 20.

Good thing it was “Harvest Night” with costumes optional cause Wade ran around in a white henley and jeans the whole night. Oh well, we did manage to get a few good pics. (Thank you Calvary for providing candy for us to bribe our kid with)


Wade and James the Shiny Red Engine. Isn’t that the most amazing James you’ve ever seen? It was lovingly and creatively made by my AMAZING husband. Yah, in some ways it was a good thing that Wade only wore it for 35 seconds because he probably would have destroyed it if he wore it longer.


Cheeseball smile


That’s James’ freight car (AKA candy box). Andrew said, on the way home, that he didn’t mind that Wade didn’t wear the costume. The important thing was that he witnessed his daddy working hard to make something special for his boy as he remembers seeing his dad (the original Wade) do many times.

Chloe Bear wore her costume without contest…as long as it didn’t inhibit her thumb sucking she didn’t care what we put on her.




Wade and Chloe’s 4 (soon to be 5) cousins joined us so we captured some cousin love.



Wade and Callie


Wade, Callie, Ian, Sydney


Luke, 5 days younger than Chloe



Chloe: “Luke, get your grubby little hands off me”.

Luke: “Girl, you are really crampin’ my style here”.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chloe vs. Banana

This morning Chloe tasted her first bite of food. As I mashed the 1 inch piece of banana, I explained to her how her little world was about to change.  I could get real philosophical on you here about how the intake of food could symbolize baby’s first steps towards independence and the parents’ huge responsibility to disciple that self-reliance into God-reliance. But I won’t.

Anyway, round one….Chloe and the Banana:


“Mom, I don’t know…do you really want to do this? I really think I could just stick with milk for the rest of my life.”



“Ok, if you insist. I got my game face on.”



'”INVASION! INVASION! We’ve been compromised.”



“Hmmm. Maybe I was mistaken. Perhaps banana is not foe, but friend.”



“Mom, take my keys…you’re going to have to drive. I’m feeling a little tipsy after that banana.”


Well, I’d say it went as well as I expected it to. She did get a couple bites down but she’s still working that little reflex that pushed the food back out of her mouth. Eh, we’ll try again next week. We’re not in any hurry to complicate our lives with food!